Redefine the operation of chain-store business

Intelligent Marketing Management Platform in SaaS Grade

Fulfill all digitalize needs for a physcal store.

Digital Signage Service


Cross-platform and multi-demention. Manage chain-store signages with ease. New media with more creativity.


Music and Broadcast


Set store BGM playlist with one click. Your best music broadcast manager.


Staff Tutorial


An professinal tool for all stages of document management. Prvide fast and easy browsing with internet access and no regionality restriction.


Poster Creater


Create your high quality digital poster without any experience. A magic tool for collaborating design and no coding required.


Powerful Functionality

Advantages and Features, how it works, extensibility, and various devices supported.

What You See Is What You Get

Neat user interface and easy to get the job done.

Store Music

Add a prompt announcement anytime you need.

Team Collaboration

Support multi-person coworking, editing and communication.

New media marketing

Comprehensive new media interactive marketing ecosystem. Increase marketing conversion rate.


Pre-set dispatch time and campain schedule. Content play in exact order as you planned.

Playlist Cloud Storage

Support exchanges on the internet.

Anytime anywhere

With internet access, working anytime and no regionality restriction.

Easy to use

Sign up to use, no downloads needed, multi-screen interacting and everything you need.

Adopted Scenario

Chain store / Restaurant / Fashion

There are using
Kabob CMS

Outstanding comes with highest quality

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All Around the World

Mainland, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore and more