Tico GO
Order Queuing Service

Multi-platform / Multi-device / Multi-situation
Fast food, food court, automobile service centers, small clinics...etc

Why choose Tico GO

Advantages and Features

Different order patterns can be customized as you need

Plenty of colors and styles for you to choose to set your own tool

You can build one with just a mobile and a tablet

Combine sense of sight and hearing, make your tool more efficiently

Set simple line up in just a few minutes

Support multi-scenarios : Text, number calling/takeaway order

Clean and Clear Manage Interface

Choose the TV box, tablet computer or any display you want, press the content release, and the screen will be updated immediately.

Configure multi-scenario easily

a. Digit Calling Scenario - Beverage Shop / Fast Food Restaurant

Configure multi-scenario easily

b. Text Calling Scenario - Service center waiting scene (car 4S shop, small clinic, VIP waiting hall...etc.)

Configure multi-scenario easily

c. Mixed Queue Calling Situation - Fast Food Restaurant

Configure multi-scenario easily

d. Takeaway Order Calling Scenario - restaurants that accept takeaway orders

Configure multi-scenario easily

e. Food court/Multi-dining Stall Calling Scenario - Display the situation of multi-store calling on the lobby screen


Calling amount per day / Completed amount / Average waiting time

Set Up Flow

Easy, simple and fast.

Backend Setting on Web

To set up the caller by web browser. (Optional) Binding data from POS and import it into the number calling system. You can print a receipt or manually enter the calling number information.

Waiting Display

Clear and minimalism design.

Number Calling

Just click the number in current queue or enter the number directly.