Reservation & Table Waiting

Restaurant Scenario/ Online Reservation / On-site Waiting / Reservation Management

Why choose Tabble

Advantages and Features

Support online and on-site reservation, view all table status and schedule at a glance

Simple and clear interface. Improve operation more fluency

Flexibly switch the on-site waiting position according to the full table rate

Support multi-channel online waiting,Facebook / IG / LINE quick reservation

Clean and Clear Manage Interface

Flexible operation : Arrange seats, and manage online and on-site information in one-stop.

Branding identify management

Authorization management

Reservation and queuing management

Data export

Use Flow

Easy, simple and fast.

Customer reserve online
Get ticket onsite

Support online reservation / on-site queueing on mobile.

Order operation

Get order information and order channels and arrange table at the same time.

Data analysis on web

Set up omnichannel reservation links. Get to know the main source of orders.


Improve the efficiency of online and on-site waiting for store management.
View the information of reservations clearly and effectively increase the turnover rate of stores.
Flexible table setting, unified management of multiple store types.
Support multiple channels for reservation, providing more paths for reservation.