Terms of Use Agreement

Dear all, welcome to our official website, mobile APP, associated software, products or online service (Service) supported by KABOB HOLDING Co.,LTD.薩摩亞商串串控股股份有限公司(Kabob or us). No matter users have signed up or not, while using this Service in any conditions, it means you have agreed with this Agreement and will adhere all the terms and the occasionally changes by Kabob. This Agreement is for all users, members, viewers, contributors and any individuals that are using this Service.

1. Terms of Use Agreement

2. The modify and change of the Terms of Use Agreement

Kabob has the right to change this Agreement irregularly and without prior inform. If you enter or use this Service after the change of this Agreement, it means you have agreed all the changes. The changed Agreement will be at a proper spot, please read the newest version when you use this Service.

3. Accounts

4. Restriction

When using this Service, you are expressly prohibited from

5. User-Generated Content

Kabob reserves the right of non-duty view and the right to deny any improper contents. If your violation of this Agreement is serious, Kabob will take the right to use this Service from you and you cannot create a new account permanently. This Agreement is to protect the rights and the quality of the users of this Service. Please read this Agreement carefully and adhere completely. Hope you have fun in here :)

6. Payment

7. Termination of use

You can terminate your account and stop using this Service anytime. Kabob also can block, disable, suspend or terminate all or part of the right to use of this Service including the contents without prior warning. The reasons of the termination of use include, but not limited
i.Violation of this Agreement;
ii.Natural disaster;
iii.When you stop paying for the cost of this Service;
iv.legal orders or adhere the legal procedure;
v.Your request to terminate your account;

8. Compensation

You agree to compensate the compensation, damage, obligation, responsibility, cost, debt and expenditure within the law because of the following reasons and make Kabob and all the employees, agents, directors and managers in Kabob suffer no loss. The reasons are
i.Violation of this Agreement;
ii.Violation of include, but not limited copy right, property right and privacy right from any third party;
iii.The allegation of damages from third party because of your contents;

This obligation continues to be effective during and after you use this Service.