IM Marketing Master

Multi-channel Chatbot / LIVE customer service / Target Audience Message Sending / Precision Marketing Industry-wide customer acquisition Services : Restaurant, fast food, retail e-commerce, brand services, public sector services

Why choose OMObot

Advantages and Features

Various member behavior interaction settings such as auto-reply, continuous conversation, etc.
MGM, QR Code diversion settings.
Tag management and tagging for member characteristics and behaviors in order to sending messages to specific groups.
Kabob number calling application integration - Able to send relevant messages through OMObot channels.

Clean and Clear Manage Interface

Provide a chatbot setting platform and help to manage member footprints through diversified interaction backend settings in order to personalize marketing. OMObot will be an excellent tool for your digital integrated marketing for store management.

Message center - Manage omnichannel message in one interface

Preset Templates - Provide a variety of scenario templates to choose

Game Management - Provide a variety of custom game settings

Key Features

Omnichannel support - LINE / Messenger / Instagram / WhatsApp

Chatbot keyword auto-reply

Auto-reply common questions to reduce labor costs.

For product/Message inquiry, setup auto-reply to increase interaction

Tag grouping & Group message

Tagging customers to group by the interaction with chatbot

Customize marketing by tagging to increase repurchase rate

One-on-one Live Customer Service

Live customer service with omnichannel, just on one screen

Real-time response to the individual customer, increase satisfaction


Accurate member information acquisition helps you effectively find the right TA.
Integrate Kabob's number calling and reservation applications to enhance the consumer experience!
Easy to do product recommendation, discount push, content remarketing.
Instant reply while recording customer preferences.

Set Up Flow

Easy, simple and fast.


Add a robot and fill in the relevant binding information.


Create scenario projects and set up auto-replies, continuous conversation scripts and audience tag management.


Set up the menu, conversation scenario and set the tracking tags.


According to the footprints of members, send exclusive marketing messages in groups !

Add-on Apps

Kabob Apps Integration

OMObot x Tico RUN Service Reservation & Queuing

Channel Exclusive Notification : Online Reservation & In-store Queueing Number Getting / Calling / Cancelling / Feedback Form


  • Service reservation
  • Key-in information
  • Remind notification


  • Reservation / On-site check-in
  • Key in : check-in number / information
  • Get number notification

OMObot x Tabble Reservation & Table Waiting

Channel Exclusive Notification : Booking Success / Order Cancellation / Booking Reminder / Feedback Form


  • Reservation
  • Booking
  • Remind notification


Customers can scan the QR Code while queueing on-site and receive corresponding waiting and calling notifications in the channel App.