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Lookr Digital Signage Cloud Service

TVs, tablets or others which best suits your needs.
Press Apply and instanly deploy new content across diplays.

Management Console website
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Content player

Android APP
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Clean and Clear Manage Interface

Control your signage remotely with ease, provide self-defined templates, and manage within a full featured system.

Content Editing

Lookr plays a set of content using multiple regions and assigning different media to each zone. In addition, supports scrolling text, RSS and other third party sources.

Content format in zones: Image and video play back in order cycle, weather and clock, offline browser and Lookr plug-in.

Content Scheduling

Support content play at any day and anytime.
Arrange timeline from Lookr scheduler and set campaings earlier.
Manage all stores' content with one console.

Device Management

Observed all devices and each connection status.
By device grouping, deploy varied contents and set different dispatch time to each groups.
Reduce operation cost significantly.

Lookr Plug-in

Lookr provides several official or third party applications that can handle many kinds of stores' needs such as dynamic menu, waiting caller and so on.
Try it now with few simple settings.

Order Waiting
Sync Menu Board
Table Waiting
Task Dispatch
Screen Collage

Lookr solutions.

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1 units free trial, permanent use

For trial and experiencing

Please consult with regional sales representative

One time charge

New brand or a chain less than 10 stores

Please consult with regional sales representative

Device subscription, charge annually

Offer basic function for medium or large business

Please consult with regional sales representative

Device subscription, charge annually

Offer advanced function for medium or large business

Extended APP
About Adder
Supply Side Platform
How Adder Can Monetize

Adder, as a SSP (Supply Side Platform), provides outdoor media owner to manage, coordinate advertising inventory and assist sellers to automatically sell advertising space.

When media owners intend to sell the space of the monitors in certain periods to other advertisers, they can sell the spaces through adder to achieve an efficient traffic monetization.


Equals to consumers, they can contact to kinds of advertising board, such as bus station and TV walls

Media Owner

The owner of advertising board, provide screen spaces / periods to advertisers

Adder (SSP)

Supply Side Platform. It assists in hosting and trading between advertising transaction and advertising board, also monetizes traffics


Had integrated with multiple Demand Side Platforms

Demand Side Platform, allow advertisers to do cross- media advertising automatically, select the period, region and ethnic group for advertising, and bid for the advertising space


The demander who has the demand for placing advertisement on advertising board

Kabob provide
Adder SSP

A 3rd party advertisement integrator with flexible settings and diversity content

Adder integrate multiple SSP (Supply Side Platform) for programmatic Ads. Set display period and frequency for 3rd party advertisments through Adder. Import Adder with Lookr Digital Signage CMS provides more setting functions.

A more stylish advertising experience

Combine wIth Adder for advertisement integration, It provide customers with more customized marketing advertising content

adder-ssp-feature-1 adder-ssp-feature-2
Multi-advertisment providers to choose and set-up easily
Schedule different period with different providers supported
Show advertisement schedule in both list view and calendar view
Able to dispatch precisely